Inauguration of the Guest House is scheduled to be in late June.
Special offering of onsen ticket for 400yen (normal price-460 yen) .

The Guest House is only 8 minutes’ walk fromKamata station of the Keihin kyuko Line
It takes 5 minutes from Haneda international airport terminal Station to the Keikyu-Kamata station
using the rapid train of theKeihinKyukou Line.

There are several public bathhouse (Sento)—only 5 minutes by free rent a cycle.
The Ota ward where the Dormitory is located, Hot springs are most abandoned in Tokyo.
You can take hot spring bath near the Dormitory even in the morning.

The Kamata station of the Japan Railway Line is only 5 minutes by bicycle.
There are many sites of great interest around the Dormitory.

In the early morning, there are many joggers and cyclists in the bank of Tama river ,where you can have a wonderful
View of Mt. Fuji, and enjoy a full blossom of the cherry trees.

You can swim in the public pool only 10 minutes’ bicycle ride from the Dormitory in summer.
You have to bring your swim suit.

Q & A about the facilities

Q—Is there a bath?
A—There is a shower with the hot water.

Q—Do I have to bring my own shampoo and soap in the shower?
A—Shampoo and soap are provided for free of use in the shower.
You can buy a set of shampoo, soap and towel paying 100yen in the Dormitory if you want to go to bathhouse.

Q—Whatkind of appliances in the kitchen?
A—There is a refrigerator, gas range, microwave oven, toaster oven, and other cooking appliances.
Salt, pepper, soy-sauce and other seasonings are provided.
There are 2 convenience stores nearby for you to purchase anything you want,

. Q—Are there amenities like towels?
A—Youcan rent a towel. You can buy the toothbrush and razorblade in the Dormitory,

Q–Is it possible to access Wi-Fi internet using the personal computer?
A–It’s possible. You can ask the security code. You can use free internet service in the shared area

Q—Is there a locker?
A—There are locker in each room.

Q—Is there lights-out time in the Dormitory?
A—The lights-out time is 11 o’clock. You can use a light in each bed after lights-out.
Drinking and smoking is prohibited in the bed.


You can make a reservation 4 months before your stay. .Please don’t fail to read the return mail which
Dormitory send to you.

Tel: 070-3548-1408

Address:〒(zip code)144-003

12-6-7 Higashi-KamataOta-ward Tokyo
Mail: guesthousekamata1408@yahoo.co.jp

Room & Price

Men’s Dormitory 2,500 Yen per person
Women’s Dormitory 2,500 Yen per person
Men & Women’s Dormitory 2,500 Yen per person

3000yen per person on Saturdays

Private Room for 3 people: 9000 yen per night

Private Room for 4 people : 12000yen per night

The Dormitory does not accept group and children under 12 years old.


Check-in 16:00 to 22*00
Before 10:00AM

Please keep the check-in time. Please inform us on the occasion of the delayof the rain and other public transportation.
Cancellation charge 100% on the expected day of the arrival,50% on 1 day before the expected arrival.

Please understand that the Dormitory is closed from 10:00to 16:00 for cleaning the rooms and resting time for the staff every day. So you cannot stay in the Dormitory from10:00to 16:00
If you want to leave your luggage, please deposit it from 8:00to 10:00. If you want to deposit your luggage after check out, you have to return between from16:00to 19:00 to get it.

No curfew. The entrance door is closed after 20:00. You can enter using the pass-code.


NoticePlease read and understand the following
The guest house is located in the residential area. Please be considerate for the other guests and neighboring houses not to make a noise in the early morning and night time.
The guest house does not provide service like hotels and inns, which enables you the cheap price.
There is a basic key in each room. There are lockers with a key for the valuables. Please keep your valuables with your own account. The Guest House does not take responsibility for the valuables. In case of the damage of the commodities in the Guest House, it must be fully compensated.

Facilities in the Guest House

Shower—On the 1stFloor. Shampoo, rinse and body-soap is equipped .Please use your own towel.
There is a Bathhouse 1 minute walk from the Guest House. The hot spring bathhouse is 5 minutes cycling using
The free rent-a cycle. Rental set of towel, shampoo and soap is sold
Kitchen— The dishes, seasonings, microwave oven, toaster, gas water heater are equipped.
You can have free drink of coffee, red tea, and Japanese tea. You can use the refrigerater.

Toilet & Washstand—There is a toilet in each floor. Washstand is located in 1st and 2nd floor. There is a dryer but, you have to use your own toothbrush, toothpaste and towel.

Rooms—There is an electric outlet in each bed. The deposit box for the valuables is equipped with a four digit
Pass-code key. Each room is air-conditioned and forbidden smoking. There is a smoking area in the balcony.
There is a dormitory for women’s exclusive use.

Privacy Policy

The Guest House Kamatatakes every appropriate measure to keep the precious individual information of the customers, complying with the laws and rules concerning the individual information.

The individual information we have acquired on your booking, such as the address, mail address phone number, date
of your stay, etc., will be strictly used only for our service and support for our customers, to give them the useful

We never disclose, give or sell these individual information except for the following cases.
—The customers’ prior consent for the disclosure.
—Request of disclosure by the law and the government organization concerned.


The map of surrounding area

The address; Zip code; 144-0031
2-6-7, Higashi-KamataOhta-ku Tokyo, Japan
Tel. 070-3548-1408

Using the train
Exit of the ticket gate of the Kamata station of the Keihin-Kyuko Line. To next picture
After descending the escalator. To next picture
Turning to the left from the previous point. To next picture
Turning to the left from the previous point. To next picture
The convenientstore “Lawson” going 2 signals from the previous point.
The 2nd power pole from Lawson, please turn to the right. To next picture
There is the Bath-house “Taishou-yu” To next picture
Walking through that bath-house please turn to the right at the house with the wall painted in pale blue.
To next picture/
The second house is our Guest house.